Upcoming Events 25 May 2016 -- Multiple Sclerosis Day :: 22 July 2016 -- World Brain Day :: 21 September, 2016 -- World Dementia Day Alzheimer’s Day :: 3-4 october, 2016 -- Movement Disorder Workshop :: 29 October, 2016 -- World Stroke Day :: 22-25 December, 2016 -- International Neurology update, Movenpick Hotel, Karachi
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Upcoming Events

26-29 October, 2016

22-25 December, 2016

16-21 September, 2017

10th World Stroke Congress, Hyderabad, India

International Neurology Update, Movenpick Hotel, Karachi

World Congress of Neurology, Kyoto, Japan


It shall be the purpose of the Pakistan Society of Neurology to Improve human health by promoting prevention and the care of persons with disorders of the entire nervous system by:

  • Fostering the best standards of neurological practice.
  • Educating, in collaboration with neuroscience and other international public and private organisations.
  • Facilitating research through its Research Groups and other means.
  • Advocating for patients at risk or suffering from Neurological disorders at national level.


Prof. Arsalan Ahmad

Vice President:

Prof. Athar Javed


Dr. M. Babar Khan


Dr. Syed Ahmed Asif
Executive committee:
Prof. Muhammad Tariq
Dr. Sardar Alam
Prof. M Saleem Ilyas
Prof. Saleem Barech
Dr. Ahsan Numan
Prof. Alam Siddiqui



World epilepsy Day - 23 March

World TB Day - 24 March

World Health Day - April 7

World Hypertension Day -17.May

Multiple sclerosis Day- 25 May

World No Tobacco Day - 31 May

World dementia Day- 21 Sept.

World rabies Day -28 Sept.

World Heart Day -29 Sept.

Mental Health Day- 10 Oct.

World Stroke Day -29 Oct.

World Diabetes Day –14 Nov

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